The beginning of a new season of “Siavash” group activities with European concerts


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Iranian singer Homayoun Shajarian published an article on his personal page announcing that Siavash would give a concert in several European cities in the last weeks of this year.

In his latest article published on Thursday, January 29, he wrote: “Dear friends and fans of the upcoming concerts with the Siavash Ensemble, it is as follows:” March 19 Brussels (Belgium), March 22 The Hague (Netherlands) “, March 26, Paris (France) / Links and additional information will be communicated to lovers later.”

Homayoun Shajarian

“Siavash” group, led by Homayoun Shajarian, is one of the well-known collections of Iranian music in recent years, which in the early 1990s presented many live performances and programs to the audience, including a series of concerts ” Mirrors “referred to the composition of Kaykhosrow and Sohrab Pournazeri. Concerts that were very well received by the audience and fans during their performance.

In these concerts, singer Homayoun Shajarian, composer Sohrabpour Nazeri, tambourine and fiddle player, Hossein Rezaei Nia percussion instrument, Homayoun Nasiri percussion instrument player, Shahram Gholami oud player, Asghar Arabshahi percussionist, Mahyar Tarihi percussionist, musician Dariush Azar, a double bass player, was present as a musician.

Of course, according to what Homayoun Shajarian has published in cyberspace, the details of holding these concerts, composer or composers, selected works, musicians and the executive group have not been discussed yet, but it seems that the new chapter of Siavash’s activities is coming. Is to be presented to the audience with many changes.

Homayoun Shajarian 2

Homayoun Shajarian was in September 2012, after the formation of this music collection, he had said: I always wanted to form a group like “Ava”, which my father had founded, and this group should be a place where the works of each composer are performed and the musicians Different to act in it. I also named this group “Siavash” and I will start my activity with this group.

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