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“Safe from this love” is published with the voice of Hooman Naseri


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Hooman Naseri, who has released successful singles such as “Delsang” and “Delam Gardeh” in recent months, has had an interview with specialized music media, which you can read below.

Hooman Naseri, at the beginning of his speech, referring to his re-activity in the field of music, said: “After eighteen years away from music, in Corona, I had the opportunity to publish my old works with a new arrangement and start my activity again.” In this way, I tried to attract the opinion of different age groups in society.

He continued: So far, 6 tracks have been published with the arrangement of my dear friends Reza Tajbakhsh and Dariush Salehpour and the poems of my dear friend Hamid Reza Nasrollahi, and there are 4 tracks left that will be published soon.

Introducing a new single, Naseri said: “One of these tracks is the piece” Safe from this love “, whose beautiful lyrics had impressed me for a long time, and finally, with a new melody and arrangement, a record was issued for its release.” . Since I personally like this song very much, I decided to make a suitable video for it, which is suitable for poetry and music, which, thanks to God, was done, and the relevant licenses are issued, and God willing, it will be released in the New Year.

The poem of this work is by Mohammad Taghi Bahar, which my dear compatriots composed well under the name of “I write” and with the voice of the unique master Mohammad Reza Shajarian and the composition of Darvish Khan. The new melody of this poem is outside the space of colorful ballads and I have tried to make its atmosphere fit the mood of the poem. At the end of this new melody was completed with the beautiful taste of Reza Tajbakhsh and arranged by Dariush Salehpour.

In the end, the singer said: In the video of this song, my artist friend Kourosh Ghazi Morad gave a special effect to this work with his calligraphy art, as well as other friends that I will definitely introduce during the broadcast.

I hope that this work will be liked and supported by my dear compatriots.


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