Kurdish singer is going to establish free street

A Kurdish singer is going to establish free street concert tour after failure of the  CoronaVirus.

This folklore singer promulgated his ready to sing free in concert for failure of CoronaVirus.

Hadi Rostami, Kurdish singer of “Dagah” (Mother) mentioned:

we decided  to raise morale, making a happy atmosphere and passing a long house quarantine after

failure of the  Coronavirus if can take justification, we’ll have free tour concert in Kurdish cities and Tehran.

He told: certainly the news of failure of the  Coronavirus will cause a national celebration,

I had several tours to France, Spain, Belgium, Serbia, and now I’m ready in those national days make my people happy.

the winner of several local festival said: Coronavirus furthermore of destroying previous new year (Norooz) causes people’s

distance and relationship being less than before. According to each artist’s task is using their talent to forget this worse Coronavirus days from people’s brains.

He said: most of the artists are preparing theirselves for a national defeating Coronavirus,

he also said nowadays medicos and nurses function the people’s health, to redress

the artists must raise society’s moral and expand the happiness in all of the society.

Hadi Rostami said I hope so all of the provincial accountables

don’t have any problems to issuance the justifications especially for Kurdish street concerts.