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Ali Pahlavan talked about his new activities in music


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“Tanhaye Tanha”, the second independent work by “Ali Pahlavan”, was published and made available to the audience by the “Taraneh Sharghi” Cultural and Artistic Institute with the permission of the Music Office of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

“Ali Pahlavan” has released only one piece called “Whistle and Blind Memories” since the dissolution of “Arian” group with a lot of margins and after the release of its fifth work, and now, after a long time, its second single is available to its audience. In addition to singing, composing, arranging, playing and producing it, and mixing and mastering it in Iran by Amir Tafreshi.

Regarding his new work, Pahlavan says: “This piece was actually made 15 years ago and its song is from the songs of” Darab Pahlavan “, but due to the completely different style of the works of Arian group, we never performed and produced it until I went for it years later. There was a different style of singing and music that I think I had never experienced with Arian, especially the solitude of the guitar strings. Maybe I will continue this solitary model in the future, but with different styles.


In fact, I often performed this piece in family gatherings and friendly gatherings when several of my friends suggested that I perform and record it in the same mood and with the same mental and simplicity. “I also recorded ‘Tanhaye Tanha’ and handed it over to Amir Tafreshi for mixing and mastering, and Taraneh Sharghi took the trouble to get the license and the distribution process.”

Introducing the other performers, the singer of “Tanhaye Tanha” adds: “Ms.” Zeinab Babaei “designed and wrote this work, and Mr.” Mehdi Kazemi “designed the poster. “The song has been played abroad in foreign countries as of today and will be available for download on many reputable international music sites, such as Google Play, Spotify, and about 20 music distribution networks with copyright law.”

The founder of “Arian” music group, referring to the details of this piece, states: “This piece has been produced by myself from the construction to the performance and includes several guitar tracks, which is the only live instrument of this piece. “The instruments used are no longer live instruments, but I have tried to use the sounds that are most similar to what I intended, such as cello, bass acoustics, percussion, and so on.”


Asked why he has been less active in music over the past few years and has released only two pieces, the artist says: “Of course, I do not mind working and I would love to have a concert, but neither the opportunity nor the conditions were such that it could be done.”

“I have to thank all the friends who helped me publish this work, because it was not an easy task anyway, since I live in Australia and I have no income through music,” Ali Pahlavan concludes. The loved ones helped a lot in concluding this piece and paid for it themselves. Ms. Babaei, Mr. Tafreshi and from the Eastern Song Company, “Mohsen and Mahyar Rajabpour” and Ms. “Nikta Mortazavi” as well as Mr. “Mehdi Kazemi” considered a significant discount for me. “I thank each and every one of them.”


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