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Biography of Shahram Shokouhi Name: Shahram Shokouhi Birth: Jahrom Style (s): Traditional fusion, pop, flamenco Instrument (s): Classical guitar Profession: singer, composer, songwriter, musician Children: Melody shahram shokoohi biography Shahram Shokouhi is an Iranian singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist who has released three albums: Madara, Koli Eshgh va Ta Nafs Hast. Marriage and wife of Shahram Shokouhi Shahram Shokouhi has been married for several years and the presence of his little daughter named Melody has added to the warmth of this life. Delaram, Shahram's wife, was born in 1959. The story of courtship day tea Delaram: On the day of the engagement, when I was about to bring tea, I told my mother to pour the tea into cups in the kitchen and prepare it. After a few minutes I went to the kitchen and brought tea and everything went according to plan and because at that time I did not know that Shahram likes tea very much I could not stop asking for tea again a few minutes later. When Shahram asked for tea again, I went to the kitchen and saw that it was off under the kettle. Shahram played the movie very well and drank tea in such a way that no one noticed! shahram shokoohi mp3 Success in music with your spouse Shahram: It is not possible for me to continue working in the field of music without my dollars. Because music is not ordinary at all; Both in terms of the feedback that goes on outside the home that usually causes problems in family relationships and the type of work. For example, one of the things I had trouble with in the past was my working hours. Because new music work starts at 9 pm and continues until 6 am, and it is not like an office job that has a specific working time. Someone who works in this field may be at home for a full month, but can not come home for 2 months at all. Anyway, these things happen; For example, in the process of producing an album, in addition to not having a physical presence, even when you are, you have an intellectual conflict, and here the family has to endure. shahram shokoohi all music mp3 download Consensus rules Delaram: Before getting married, Shahram asked me if I had a problem with his job or not, and I said no, because I did not think that the scope of this work would expand, and at first I was somewhat opposed, and I did not want to work professionally. Enter this work, but whatever I thought, I saw that with this way of thinking, I am preventing Shahram's interest and growth. When he is so talented in this field, I did not allow myself to take this right from him; So we set some rules between ourselves that as long as we follow these rules, there will be no problem. These rules about commuting, working hours, etc., which were agreed upon and have solved most of our problems. shahram shokoohi songs Art activities Shahram Shokoohi started music in 1992 with an Iranian singing class and worked as a singer for 3 years. He was interested in both guitar and traditional singing. During his student days, around 2001, he was a member of a group that held student concerts; But for some reason he gave up music and believed that music should not be seen as a job. Begin professional activity He entered professional music in 2006 with the song "Madara". This entry was completely unintended, and even his family opposed his presence in the field of professional music. This year, the "Farhad House" ceremony was to be held. He also participated at the suggestion of a friend and recorded the piece "Madara" in a small home studio with the least facilities; But that program was canceled. shahram shokoohi full album Attend the Next Persian Star program Criticizing the issues raised in the Persia 1 Next Persian Star singing contest, he protested via e-mail to the program officials, who replied that if they had any objections, they could attend the program and meet with Sattar Ramin Zamani and Maryam Heidarzadeh. speak. Thus, he entered the competition on Nowruz in 2009 and performed the same piece "Tolerance" and criticized and gave reasons in response to the judges. The show received a lot of attention from its viewers, but he was not allowed to attend the finals by the judges of the show. Attending the Next Persian Star contest made Shahram Shokoohi known among Persian-speaking music audiences; The singer who, with the same presence, caused the piece "Madara" to be noticed and various producers inside and outside Iran to go to him in order to sign a contract; However, in consultation with those who had more experience in the valley, he said that the best way to work was to work inside Iran. The first album His first album called "Madara" was released on November 7, 2011 after obtaining all the licenses. The album had 10 tracks, including 5 with his own style and 5 pop works. shahram shokoohi tracks Milad Torabi and Amir Hossein Kashanian have collaborated with him on this album. This album was under the patent of "Honar Aval" company, and the publisher, considering the relative knowledge of Shahram Shokouhi due to the music audience, predicted that it would be welcomed by the music audience, and for this reason, the album entered the country's music market in high circulation. Although the album "Madara" was accompanied by some margins at the beginning of its arrival, but the margins could not stop the good sales of this album and it followed the path it had chosen quietly until it was able to go to one of the albums. Become popular. His activity has been drastically reduced since August 5, 1995, and he has not had much activity so far, and his last leave was published 24 weeks ago, and he has not had any other activity so far. shahram shokoohi all mp3 danload


Singles Main article: Songwriting by Shahram Shokouhi Sofre Bi Ria: The music of the final credits of the Iranian dinner series I Donya: Unplayed music of the special guests' collection In the color of patience: on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of Khosrow Shakibaei's death Woe to the lust: broadcast after the release of the two-audio version on some websites and to prevent further problems Interview with Shahram Shokouhi Sean: Given that your style is a kind of fusion style, how was this style chosen? Jim: I chose this style because there was no such style at that time. Certainly, if someone had performed this style, I would never have gone into singing and music. I also felt at some point that it was necessary for such a style to enter the music market. Thank God he had a positive attitude among the people of the society. Sean: Does your field of study align with your current profession? Jim: They have nothing to do with each other, my field of study was veterinary medicine, which for some reason I did not pursue and got a bachelor's degree in animal husbandry. Sean: Given that you entered the music industry too late, did you have another job before entering the field? Jim: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. That a person is employed in accordance with his education. shahram shokoohi zendginame Sean: Doesn't all this work pressure and business travel upset the family? Jim: I think everyone in the field of work that they choose should be balanced in everything, even if they are teachers and employees and work apart from working at home, they will upset the family. In general, time should be set aside for the family. I try to stay away from the fringes of the profession so that the family is not under pressure. Sean: The reading rate in the community is very low. Are you a reader? Jim: I read a lot, I used to read a lot of books, but I don't read a lot of paper books right now, usually just reading articles and interviews on the Internet. In total, I spend 2 hours a day reading. Sean: Many young people are interested in music but do not have the ability to enroll in training classes. Have you ever considered helping talented young people to lay the groundwork for their success? Jim: If it's a guide, I will do it, but the tutorial is completely different. Usually in the music discussion, singers and musicians who do music are not good teachers, of course it is not certain, it may be a good singer, but Bad teacher and vice versa, of course, there are exceptions that have both. Sean: Do you also teach? Jim: No, I don't think I'm a good teacher, there are components to teaching backstory, one of which is patience. Sein: Were you a devil as a child? Jim: I was moderate. Of course, it is possible that the children are not naughty and do not burn fire, but I tried to burn fire once or twice a month. Sean: Tell us a childhood memory? Jim: Most of my childhood was spent with my cousin, the family usually went hunting, and one of those days we went with them; I remember once we rode a horse without a saddle and we bothered the poor horse so much that he attacked and threw us in the nettle bushes; For two days in a row, our bodies were inflamed. Sean: I think you first introduced the fusion style to the music market, and that was a kind of risk. Are you a risk-taker in general? Jim: You know the law of risk is never 50-50. Risk means 60% confidence and 40% chance of losing. I knew from the start that my new style would appeal to your audience. Sean: Your style of music is derived from Spanish music. Did you make this style your main role model? Jim: I never like to be a special person. True, my work is similar to Spanish music, but Spanish music is a separate style. I used the music and added a Spanish melody to this style, but I did not use the Spanish style as a whole. Sean: Some sites mentioned that you have a heart condition. Is this true? Jim: Yes, I had heart surgery twice and thank God I'm better now, I have to deal with this disease. Sein: What good and bad things around us affect us, what makes you feel bad all day long? Jim: Anyway, every human being is affected by the environment just because he is a human being, and events can more or less affect the inner states of everyone, but I think the artist of the congregation is more influential, whether we like it or not. It will be bad.  

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