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Reza Halavarjani with the artistic name of Reza Bahram is a popular and popular Iranian pop singer and composer who was born on January 11, 1991 in Yazd. She has two athletic sisters, one older and the other younger. Bahram lost his father when he was 14 years old. reza bahram mp3 He graduated from Yazd University of Science and Culture with a bachelor's degree in financial management. He started playing football and gradually moved on to music. Reza Bahram's style of work is in fusion music and that is why he sits with his heart. His special voice and powerful and skillful performance made him progress very quickly and attract a lot of fans. reza bahram mp3 Reza Bahram combines Iranian fame with tidal and flamingo music and pop music, and this has made him successful in his works and songs. Reza Bahram reached his peak with the single "Eshgh Bego" and his music lovers got to know him. Reza Bahram's father was the first encourager in singing, who died in the same year, 2005, and Reza withdrew from singing for this reason. Reza Bahram was playing football at that time and played for the Yazd Steel team, and after that he temporarily went to Khuzestan Steel and suffered an injury in the same team; And after 3 years of injury, he underwent surgery, but the injury caused Reza Bahram to start singing again and increase his interest in it, and he left football and entered the world of music completely. reza bahram mp3 According to Reza Bahram, after his father, he was the only supporter of his life in all issues and stages of his mother's life, and he owes all his successes to his mother after God. Reza Bahram has released pieces since 1393 and in 1396 he performed the song "Goli" with Arash and Masih. In 1397, with the release of his first song called From Love, he became very popular and famous. In the same year, he sang the song Hair to Hair, which was the final credits of the Forbidden series, which led to his growth and development. This beautiful song is on the list of the most downloaded music sites in Iran. reza bahram full album Phoenix Art Institute is currently sponsored by Reza Bahram. Finally, after years of activity, Mr. Reza Bahram was able to obtain permission to hold his first concert on July 4, 2017 in the luxurious Persian Hall of Kish Island.

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