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Biography of mostafa ragheb

Mostafa Ragheb was born and raised in the historical city of Yazd in Tehran in March 2014 and entered the field of art at the age of 6 with singing, painting and acting. Ragheb has won more than 20 top titles in various cultural and artistic fields in various domestic and international festivals.



Musical work by Rostam and Sohrab Narration “Intellectual Development Center”

Musical work of Lily and Majnoon narration

“Center for Intellectual Development”

Musical performance of Moses and the Shepherd as a singer and actor

Mystery Concert

Nostalgic concerts 1 and 2

Spring Concert

Call of the Concert

New Wave Orchestra Concert, directed and composed by Ali Ghamsari

Walls Concert under the direction and composition of Ali Ghamsari

The album “Wall and China” and the performance of several pieces in this work composed by Ali Ghamsari

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The first rank of singing in Yazd Young Music Festival

And the best group singer

The first rank of reciting prayers in “Lorestan” student festival

Achieving the top rank of Chavoshi reading in Razavi International Festival in three consecutive years 91 to 93

Achieving the first rank with the consonant group of Saqaleen in the national festival of the North Mosques Association, the first rank of the consonant group in the festival of Lorestan Student Etrat

Winning the solo rank of the national anthem festival “Song of Love” in 1987

Achieving the first rank of composing in the regional festival of “Qeshm” theater in 1991

Achieving second and third place with Rendan Band as a leader and singer

Achieving the second rank of male actor in the theater festival by playing in the play “The Last Letter”

Achieving the first to third ranks of reciting the Quran and the call to prayer in consecutive years of study

Win second place in oil painting competitions….

ragheb biography

At first, Ragheb, by reciting the words of revelation and considering his dominance over the Arabic and Iranian music authorities, was able to attract the attention of his professors while gaining various national ranks in the fields of recitation.

This young singer, who is himself a teacher of Iranian song. He started his official singing activity in 2006. He has performed pieces such as “This Love”, “Your Eyes”, “The Sound of Rain”, “Don’t Go”, “Yalda Night” and so on.

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Ragheb has been influenced by professors such as Akbar Azizi, Hamidreza Nourbakhsh, Majid Kiani and Ali Jahandar during his artistic activity and considers his most important strength in the field of his artistic activities to be faith in God and strong will. This artist with the real goal of producing magnificent and lasting works on the subject of peace, love, friendship and kindness has officially started his work in 1397 with the New Vocal Institute.

Ragheb’s works have been produced in collaboration with artists such as Ali Ghamsari, Farid Saadatmand, Abdoljabar Kakai, Babak Babaei, etc.


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