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Puzzle Band or Puzzle Band is a successful pop band whose main members are Ali Rahbari as singer and Arian Bahari as arranger.

The activity of Puzzle Band started in September 2011 by Ali Rahbari, Arian Bahari and Mehran Abbasi, and then with the separation of Mehran Abbasi, it became a two-member group.

Ali Rahbari, born in 1983 in Tehran, is a singer

He started playing music on the piano in 2001 when he was 18 years old and studied music academically with professors such as Ali Fakharian and Laqa Haghi.

After a while, he started working as an orchestra leader in the music groups of singers such as Hamid Hami, Nima Masiha, Maziar Asri and…

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Ali Rahbari is not married yet and is single

In 1395, the group released two albums called Eidaneh and Paper Boat, composed and sung by Ali Rahbari and arranged by Arian Bahari.

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Since 1992, they have released their first song called “Bara Bare” and Mahshar in 1996 is the last single of this group.

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