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Biography of Nasser Razzazi

Nasser Razzazi is a Kurdish singer, poet, politician and writer from Kurdistan who, in addition to singing, teaches Kurdish and translates and writes. He spent most of his life outside of Iran and in Sweden and the Kurdistan region.

Naser Razzazi is one of the great masters of Kurdish music. According to him, music is not taught only through universities and schools; music is related to the human heart and emotions.

He is very careful in choosing poetry And he composed most of his poems himself. Follow us to learn more about the biography of Nasser Razzazi, a popular Kurdish singer.

naser razazi

Personal life of Nasser Razzazi

Naser Razzazi was born in 1334 in a neighborhood called “Kani Kamiz” in Sanandaj. He has two sons, Mardin and Cardo, and a daughter, Delnia. His daughter Delnia Razzazi is also engaged in singing in the field of art.

Marzieh Farighi, the wife of Nasser Razzazi, who was also a Kurdish singer. He died in the summer of 2004 in a medical accident in Stockholm, Sweden. After Farighi’s death, Razazi married Iran Nasimi, who is also from Marivan.

Nasser has met and communicated with most Kurdish artists in various Kurdish areas outside and inside Iran. He always mentions the Kurdish music legend Hassan Zirak as a role model and the person who had the most impact on his artistic life. Nasser Razzazi is fluent in all Kurdish dialects and has performed many songs.

Nasser Razzazi

Chiavan Album License

On December 14 2014, the joint album of Naser Razzazi and Zakaria Yousefi called Chiavan was released by Avae Mad Company in Tehran with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

The issuance of this license and the release of this album came at a time when Razzazi had repeatedly spoken to the media against the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, causing mixed reactions among the media.

Mohammad Hussein Noshabadi, spokesman for the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, told a news conference that the basis for licensing music was the content of the work, not the thoughts, behaviors and past of individuals. However, he said he would pursue the matter through the director general of music at the Ministry of Guidance.

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