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Biography of Mohsen Lorestani

Mohsen Lorestani and his wife with biography

We review the complete biography of the popular singer Mohsen Lorestani, most of us remember him with the song “Bache Nene” and the video of the famous song of this song. He is very popular among the people and his fans say that Susie is unique in his voice.

Mohsen Lorestani, born in 1979 in Kermanshah, is one of the singers of Lak Kermanshahi in western Iran. He has many fans among Kurds, Lors and Laks as well as Bakhtiari.

mohsen lorestani

His songs are more romantic, emotional and sad and have always been popular among the people of the west of the country and have even become very popular all over the country.

Mohsen Lorestani started singing

At first, he did his work as a group of several people and recorded it on CD in the market by recording it. He was one of the figures who was able to become famous very soon.

He continued to sing very seriously and was able to take a big step towards fame with two very beautiful songs called Prison and Exile. He has given various concerts in the west of the country, which have been enthusiastically received by the people. He also collaborated with Davood Aghasi, one of the sons of the late Nematullah Aghasi.

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Bache Qarti is one of the most popular songs of this singer. Baby Nene is one of the songs that was released in 2011 and was enthusiastically welcomed by the fans. There are many underground singers in Kermanshah and surrounding cities.

Of course, underground singers refer to singers who sing happy songs and release it on CD in the market to be invited to attend parties and weddings. In other words, they bring their portfolios to market, which is very prosperous in the west of the country.

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Independent singer

But Mohsen Lorestani was one of those singers who never looked for happy songs for weddings and tried more to sing for himself and had nothing to do with the wedding market. Perhaps one of the most important reasons why he progressed and went one head and neck higher than other singers in the west of the country is his special and simple style.

His songs are currently used all over the country. Although some of them are sung in Laki and Persian, but other cities in Iran have welcomed these songs and found many fans.

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Marriage and wife of Mohsen Lorestani

No information is available about Mohsen Lorestani’s marriage and wife, and his private life has not been published on any site.

On his Instagram page, he tells and shares photos of himself and how he has worked in the future and in the past, what roles he has played.

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Following is an overview of Mohsen Lorestani on Instagram

Finally, we review the latest posts uploaded by Mohsen Lorestani, his Instagram page has been engraved many times and he has been forced to rebuild his pages, Mohsen Lorestani currently has over 100k followers.

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