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Biography of Mohsen Chavoshi

Abstract of Mohsen Chavoshi’s biography:

Date of birth Mohsen Chavoshi: August 29, 1979 Khorramshahr, Khuzestan

Place of residence: Tehran, Iran

Profession: Singer, Composer

Songwriter, producer, arranger

Years of activity: 2003 – Now

Style: Pop


Rock Dub Step

Funk Oslo Rock


Title: Mr. Special

mohsen chavoshi

Biography of Mohsen Chavoshi:

Mohsen Chavoshi Hosseini was born on August 29, 1979 in Khorramshahr. Chavoshi is a singer, composer, songwriter and arranger of pop and rock style. Mohsen Chavoshi Dari is 185 cm tall. Mohsen Chavoshi is of Kurdish descent, but they migrated there because of his father, who was an employee of the Khorramshahr Oil Company, and Mohsen was born in Khorramshahr. He is the fifth child in the family and has three brothers and two sisters.

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After the occupation of Khorramshahr during the war, Mohsen Chavoshi immigrated to Kermanshah and Mashhad with her family at the age of 4. She lived in this city until she was 14 and then came to Tehran.

He has been interested in music since he was a teenager, and after receiving an accounting diploma and completing his military service, he began his professional career in the field of music in 2003 with the album Nefrin, and after obtaining a license in 2008, he released the album Yeh Shahe Niloufar. More than 150 songs have been heard from him so far, including 11 albums as well as several singles.

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He is the singer and composer of the songs of the movie Santouri made by Dariush Mehrjoui and also the songs of the Shahrzad home network series made by Hassan Fathi.

Margins of Mohsen Chavoshi:

Since the release of his first album “Curse” until today, there have been many rumors that Chavoshi will hold a concert, and some people have abused him in this regard.

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After obtaining a license and on the eve of the release of his second official album, Mohsen Chavoshi announced in a letter to his fans in May 2009 that he was collecting bands and writing a part and would hold a concert after the release of “Jacket”, but after This has not happened for some time since the release of the album and has not happened yet.

Perhaps there is no prominent singer who has not given a concert several years after his name and activity were mentioned. This has led some to say that Chavoshi is not capable of live performance, but he himself has said that he is better at performing live than anyone. In May 2015, Chavoshi said in an interview about not holding a concert: “In Iran, a concert is more like a war of joy than a music concert. We do not have a good sound engineer. That is why in most concerts there is no harmony, nor the sounds that the music audience needs to hear and record from the instruments. “They only offer one job in any direction, which I am not one of.”

So far, Mohsen Chavoshi has performed and recorded two songs “Zakhm Zaboon” and “Ash” live. In July 2016, Mohsen Chavoshi performed a part of “I’m sorry for you” live for the first time and published it on his Instagram page.

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Marital status of Mohsen Chavoshi:

Mohsen Chavoshi married Spako Yousefi in 1988 and has a son named Zanko. His wife is Iranian and of Bakhtiari descent.

Mohsen Chavoshi Awards and Honors:

♦ In the seventh edition of the “Crafilm” International Film Festival, the award for the best soundtrack went to Mohsen Chavoshi and Ardavan Kamkar for the film Santouri.

At the Hafez Festival, the award for the best soundtrack went to Mohsen Chavoshi for Santouri.

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We are in our first annual music festival, in the popular section, awards for best pop composition, best pop album (I am thirteenth), best pop song (I made a mistake), best album cover (thirteenth album cover)) and best titration (for the reputation of your people Fighting with Farzad Farzin) belonged to Mohsen Chavoshi.

Nandeh won the statue of the best pop song outside the music album (for the song Cheshmeh Tusi) in the undergraduate course of our third annual music festival in 2014.

At the end of the 32nd Fajr Music Festival, the Barbad Award for Best Pop Music Album went to Mohsen Chavoshi’s “Amir Bigzand”.

Receiving the award for the best artistic achievement for the piece “Patient” from the fifth edition of Jam Jam Festival.

Nominated for the best title song of the 19th celebration of the image world for the series Lady of the Mansion

Celebration in the fourteenth session of Rumi’s conference


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