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Mohammad Alizadeh, born on January 14, 1981 in Karaj, is a singer He has a bachelor's degree in agriculture and won the first place in reciting the Qur'an for three consecutive years before entering the field of songwriting and composition. Mohammad-Alizadeh-bio He was born in Eshtehard, Karaj, to middle-class parents He has two sisters and says that Tarbiat and I were sisters so that we have a lot of dependence on the family and we are always in touch, their father is a retired cultural figure and teacher. Before the age of 15, he learned Quranic instruments from his Quranic instructor, Dr. Javanmard, and was able to win first place in the Quran recitation competition for three consecutive years. Mohammad-Alizadeh-full album He started traditional music in 1996 He worked for 6 years in a row with Mr. Nourbakhsh and Mr. Shapoor Rahimi. Ajr introduced him to the presenter on the radio, Farzad Hassani, so that he could read the title track of the backpack program in 1985. This performance made him very famous. In 1989, he sang the title track of the honeymoon program, then the series Sarab and Shahr Baran in 1990, and the Ramadan celebration program in 1991 and 1992, and the titration of Roosters, Wounds and Brother collections. Mohammad-Alizadeh-mp3-songs Mohammad Alizadeh says he fell in love with Yabar at the age of 19 and is still proud of it; Rumors of his marriage to Bahareh Afshari have been spread several times, which is not true I'm still reciting the Quran, but I wanted to present some of my thoughts and songs in the form of pop music and people would listen, so that's what happened

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