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Masoud Sadeghloo was born on April 10, 1986 in Tehran to a middle class family. Sadeghloo, a young singer, became well known in 1995; He was able to be heard well by performing a few songs, so this issue can be seen from his Instagram page. masoud sadeghloo mp3 He first started to work in the field of underground music by giving a fit, his collaboration with Reza Shiri and then Massoud Jahani published his works professionally and was seen very soon. Masoud Sadeghlou was a professional athlete during his adolescence and youth. He was active in wrestling for almost 8 years, but left the field after continuing to work in music. His interest in music began as a child and he pursued this interest more intensely as a teenager; He studied classical music with Mohammad Reza Sadeghi and finally started working in the field of music in 1995. masoud sadeghloo all music He released singles such as Lustful, The End of the Night, Crazy Game, Dancing Under the Barona, Half Lost and…. Became famous. He works in the pop genre, but the type and tone of his performance is a kind of artistic signature of his Turks, who managed to become a well-known name in this field. I am a servant of a lazy person and I can not do some things alone, so I get help from my close friends, his professional team is Masoud Jahani, Reza Shiri and Mehdi Hosseini. masoud sadeghloo full album I do not have any financial or family problems, but because I wanted to be financially independent, I sometimes have these problems, for example, we have to spend at least 40 million to make a music video. In my heart I would like my activity to be allowed, I do not hate it, I am comfortable but it does not hurt. masoud sadeghloo songs At least it doesn't help me at all, I'm still banned from doing so, so I say it does not help me because I can make money now, when I wait for two or three years for a license, it no longer works and it is the second hit. As if after being allowed we should be banned from some collaborations, we can not go anywhere and we can not sell lyrics and melodies to anyone that I do not like. masoud sadeghloo download music Before he started playing music, he had a chelokbabi, but after entering the music arena, he opened a cafe and is now his main source of income. He says that he is trying to open a second branch in Velenjak.    
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