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Biography of Majid Kharatha and his wife majid kharatha arayeshe sade Majid Kharatha, born on October 28, 1985 in Tehran, is a singer Graduated from a doctorate in music in Iran ( 4500 hours of music education ), has 3 brothers and an older sister. Also works in painting and storytelling. He is known among his fans as the king of emotion majid kharatha gharare tanhaie ma Enter the art of painting As a child, I was very interested in art, music and painting But for some reason, I entered the field of art with painting. I started painting with crayons when I was 5 years old and my drawing book was full of thematic drawings. majid kharatha adat Cartoons and storytelling The subject of my paintings led me to win several competitions and festivals. On the other hand, I drew cartoons and wrote short messages under them, which sometimes became social or humorous. Gradually, my writings took the form of stories and I tried to write humorous and social stories. In the same days, I passed the calligraphy course. Combining the art of calligraphy and the art of painting, I drew calligraphic paintings. majid kharatha paiez From songwriting to music In music, my family was my teacher and the first instruments I played were melodica, harmonica, organ, dulcimer and later tambourine and so on. I had reached the age of adolescence when I decided to write songs about romantic and emotional topics. At the same time, with the reading of Hafez's Divan and the books of poetry of the greats, songwriting was strengthened in me. majid kharatha not Training class My family was familiar with art, especially poetry and music, and this encouraged me. To go further into music after taking courses related to composing, recording and singing. Accidental start I composed a song called "Mosafer" for one of the most popular artists that only we know, and he is very successful and he will be, he said it is not good At my father's insistence, I read it myself, then I saw on TV that it was used as a mobile ringtone, later it became complicated and became very popular. majid kharatha negaran The King of Emotion and Personality In general, I have an emotional personality, but I try not to make emotional decisions. Also, composing songs and touching art affect people's personality and make them look at everything from an emotional point of view. Personally, I am also influenced by my feelings in non-artistic life. majid kharatha khakam nakonid Suicides… With the song "Tigh" and its performance in his concerts, he caused several people to marry a woman who had been in the ambulance for a while. "Kansel" was another of his most emotional tracks, in which several suicides and Self-mutilatio’s occurred, leading to lawsuits against him. And his leg was opened to the court, which was eventually acquitted Musicianship Majid Kharatha has the ability to play 50 types of instruments professionally, including guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, strings, stars, daf, tambourine, violin, and more. Golden Song Award I sent my works for this festival for fun. And they told me after a while that you had won an award. And you have to come here and get your prize, but surely if I went there, it would be very marginal for me inside the country. An Emirati musician came in tenth place, naming only 4-5 towers after him. The Golden Song Award is also an important award, and domestic news sites covered the news of my victory. But I asked them to take the news so that I would not be banned from working. albums His first professional album was released in 1984 called " Tanha Tarin Tanha " The Loneliest Lonely Tanha Tarin Tanha - 2005 - Unofficial Album Zakhm Zabon - 2006 - Unofficial album Wedae - 2007 - Unofficial Album Awareh - 2008 - Unofficial album Cancel - 2010 - Unofficial Album Hese khas - 2011– Unofficial album Dige Miram - 2012 - The first official album Daram Miram - 2015 - The second official album majid kharatha bahooneh The first concert His first official and authorized concert was in Milad Hall in Tehran. Kharatha, after three years, in 2015, he released the album Darem Mirm and the music video Darem Mirm with the theme of fighting cancer. The story of his photo without hair and in hospital clothes Kharatha released the album Daram Mirm and the music video Daram Mirm with the theme of fighting cancer in 2015. He played in this clip by shaving his head and eyebrows. This photo spread rumors of his cancer for some time Marriage There were many rumors about Majid Kharatha, about the failure of a love that made him live alone for years, and he never got married. This is social rumor and he is not married yet Instagram

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