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Biography of Ibrahim Tatlises

When Ibrahim Tatlis was born, his father was in prison, and for the first time he saw his son behind bars and named him Ibrahim, after his father. Abraham Tatlises's childhood was spent in poverty and hardship. By the age of 10, he and his seven brothers lived in a small house, the eldest of seven children. His father died as a child, and Abraham Tatlises spent his childhood selling water, apprenticeships, shopkeeping, and construction work. He then moved to Adena, where he worked for a time as a construction worker and then as a salesman of construction hardware. ibrahim tatlis Ibrahim Tatlis fell in love for the first time at the age of 15, but the girl he loved was unaware of this love. Ibrahim did not dare to talk to him and was not literate enough to write down his feelings on paper and give them to him. One day he asks his literate friend to write him a letter. Then he puts the letter in the newspaper and gives it to his friend. He tells her to go knock on the door and if the girl I love opens the door, give her this newspaper. Unfortunately, his mother opened the door and took the newspaper, after which he went to their house to complain about Ibrahim. He tells Ibrahim's mother to buy a pair of pants to wear first, then write a letter to my daughter. Throughout all stages of life, he continued on his way without retreat and without fear, and achieved what he wanted. From childhood and adolescence, Ibrahim, like all Orfa residents, grew up with local songs. Known for his charming and influential voice, he has been singing with elders since the age of 18 by attending special traditional ceremonies such as Sıra gecesi, known in many Anatolian cities as "Sıra gecesi". He even produced several gramophone records during that period. At that time, the Tatli family changed to Tatli sauce. Seeing the gramophone page and changing its name, he decided to become a singer. He took the bag and compromised and walked away. Ibrahim Tatlises mp3 When Ibrahim moved to Istanbul, he was initially very tired of unemployment and lack of money. Gradually, with the help of mystics living in Istanbul, he began to work on the building. He also worked in Istanbul as a salesman, construction worker, baker, etc. He knew he had to work to get somewhere. He sang everywhere and tried to make his voice heard by song companies. Until one day Homay Saadat arrived and got a chance. A voice asked, "Who is he?" Of course, in real life such an event is impossible. But "Yesil Cham", the Turkish Hollywood at the time, liked this and used him in many programs and movies. The story of the change of life of Ibrahim Talti, the son of Ahmad Jagraki, to Ibrahim Tatli, the famous Turkish singer, became a hope for those who hoped for a comfortable and prosperous life. Over the years, Ibrahim's name became famous. Ibrahim Tatlises songs

Enter the field of cinema

He was neither like Orhan Ganja Bai nor like Muslim Gorse. He took a different path and showed this in his first film, Jilan, which was shot in 1978. Ibrahim went to his lovers in a white coat, black pants and blouse and a large white bow with the song ayağımda kundura. He sings the songs with his beautiful city voice, but his voice in the performance of the role belonged to the doubler and without any accent. He never denies this! He always says, "I know very well who I was!" Ibrahim Tatlises became famous a hundred times after entering the field of cinema. The advent of Arabesque cinema gave rise to the fame of artists like him. He was the popular ebony of the people and with the release of each film and its reduction, a new record in the field of music and cinema was broken. Ibrahim later met the famous artist Parih Savash while starring in the 1979 film "Kara Yazma". They lived together for 2 years and during these years they had a daughter named Malek Zubeida. Tatli Sauce starred and met Darya Tuna in the movie "Sin" in 1983, this time Ibrahim continued his life with the sea and from this relationship a boy named Ibrahim or Edo was born. Ibrahim Tatlises music download The 1980s were years of familiarity with his work throughout Europe and the Middle East. His popularity spread over a wide geography from Greece to Afghanistan. Iran was also one of the countries where Ibo movies and songs were very popular. The 1980s were the most fruitful years of Abraham Tatlises. His cassettes, films and even posters were among the most lucrative subjects. Ibrahim Tatlises invested and traded in the 1990s. He later worked as a screenwriter, director and producer in the field of cinema. During his artistic life, Ibrahim has acted in films such as "Yalan", "Yorgun", "Mavi Mavi", "Ayşem", "Hülya", "Sarhoş" and "Alah Alah". Many of you dear users remember the movies "Mavi Mavi" and "Ayşem" very well… The same movies that we used to watch with video and small, family tapes! The same years that Hulia's clothes and hair style had long been the common fashion of the year… The same years when we did not know the name of Hulia Afshar and we all knew her as Aisha… The same years that we all became interested in Ibrahim Tatlises and got to know Turkey in his shadow… If you remember, Ibrahim Tatlises was shot and assassinated on March 1, 2011 in the şişli district of Istanbul. Tatlises was targeted when he left the Bayaz TV channel after recording his famous TV show "Ibo Show". According to doctors, the bullet entered the skull of Ibrahim Tatlises from behind and came out of the front of his head. After a 12-hour operation, doctors said that even if Tatlises survived the assassination, he could be paralyzed for the rest of his life. He was treated in the best hospitals for a whole year, and fortunately, all efforts to cure Ibrahim were successful. Ibrahim Tatlises full album Although he still could not move his right hand, he regained his relative health, but it should not be forgotten that Ibo was hit in the head and there was every possibility that he would die. According to Abraham, gaining his health is one of the miracles of God. Ibrahim Tatli Sass proposed to Aisha Gol Yilmaz while he was in the hospital. Ibrahim proposed to Ayesha Gol with his family. The couple were married in a hospital on September 27, 2011. Tatlis had a failed relationship throughout his life. His first wife was Adalat Durak, who lives in Urfa, and has 1 son and 2 daughters. Pirhan Savash gave birth to a girl named Malek Zubeida. Darya Tuna has a son named Edo. The famous Turkish dancer Asna was also in a relationship with Ibrahim Tatli Sess for 4 years, and Ibrahim's last wife, Ayşe Gol Yمlmaz, gave birth to a daughter named Elif Ada in 2009 and divorced him on November 29 last year. Ibrahim Tatli Sess has 22 music albums and has acted in 39 films and series. He owns a hotel, restaurant, travel company, clothing store and film company. Ibrahim Tatlises biography In a recent interview, Ibrahim Tatlises announced that he wants to establish a hospital for paralyzed patients in Turkey. What is Ibrahim Tatli Sauce doing now? After separating from his last wife, Ayesha Gol Yilmaz, Ibrahim published a photo of himself in his study room, saying that he was composing poetry. The first song on this album is called ele ne, which is the last song that Ibrahim Tatli Sass sang before he was shot. The other songs on this album are the hits of this singer that we have listened to from the past to the present. "Unfortunately, Mr Tatli Sess will not be able to play his songs as he used to," said Orwell Shark, who is producing the album. It is also said about the song ele ne that this song is a diamond. This song is Ibrahim's last song before the armed attack. Ibrahim himself responded to reports that his vocal cords had been severely damaged and he could no longer sing as he had in the past. My voice has no problem. My lovers do not grieve. Do not make my enemies happy. I have not sung for three years and the only problem is that my larynx is lazy. Ibrahim is one of the most popular artists in Turkey and many other countries. We wish him good health and we would like to hear his pleasant voice for many years  

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