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Biography of Hossein Safamanesh, a singer from Kermanshah, Iran

hossein safamanesh

Hossein Safamanesh was born on July 20, 1976 in Kermanshah. He was accustomed to music since his adolescence, and due to his beautiful voice, he became a member of the Kashani school choir and sang happy Kurdish songs during the celebrations of the Fajr decade.

Hussein Safamanesh was fascinated by the masculine and resonant voice of Kurdish language artists such as Hassan Zirak, Mamli, Ali Mardan, Taher Tawfiq, Nasser Razazi and others.

The love for the voice of these artists introduced him to the world of singing. The young Hussein Safamanesh had a beautiful and pleasant voice and was full of talent, but due to the lack of facilities and compassionate guidance, he did not find an arena for his talents for a long time

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In 2000, he performed a pop concert with the arrangement of Mr. Nozad Khattat in the Kermanshah Electric Hall, which was highly regarded by the people, and after many years, it is still a beautiful memory in our minds.

Five years later, he met Farshad Rostami and decided to release an official album. Finally, in 2006, his official album was released with the permission of the Ministry of Guidance and under the name of Ivareh (Sunset), which was very well received, but unfortunately due to non-compliance with copyright by some people, instead of selling the original version, copy It reached the people with very low quality, which caused a lot of financial loss to Hussein Safamanesh.


After the Ivory Coast, it was decided that the continuation of artistic activities would be in the form of concerts. And in 2011, he met Roham Sobhani and it was decided to hold a traditional concert in both Persian and Kurdish at the Soura Hall in Tehran, which attracted the attention of dear art lovers. And after Tehran, he went to Sanandaj. They also performed a concert in Sanandaj Fajr Hall.

Unfortunately, due to some small issues, Hossein Safamanesh’s collaboration with him did not last long and ended in the same two performances.

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After that, with Mr. Ali Ahmadi, the leader of Ava group and in the form of Iranian traditional music, he participated in the 2013 Resistance Festival in Tehran, Milad Tower, and they won first place in this festival.


After that, he continued his collaboration with Mr. Rostami and performed a concert in 2013 at Vahdat Hall.

In the meantime, Hossein Safamanesh met Mr. Masoud Moezi, a santor player and the leader of the Bidad group, after which it was decided to perform a concert in Kamyaran and Divandarreh, cities of Kurdistan Province of Iran, which also happened, and this was a good collaboration. .

Then, with the Arshavir group and led by Mr. Farshad Rostami, he performed a concert in the cities of Karaj, Sanandaj, Saqez, Marivan and Tehran.

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hossein safamanesh