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Masoumeh Dedehbala with the artistic name (Hayedeh) (born April 21, 1931 in Tehran - died December 20, 1989 in San Francisco, California) was a famous singer and singer of Iranian traditional and pop music. Hayedeh had a contralto voice and was active in performing Iranian songs for more than two decades. Hayedeh, whose real name was Masoumeh Dedehbala, was born in Tehran. His father was Mohammad Dedebala and his mother was Zinat Bulgari. hayedeh mp3 Hayedeh was first distinguished by her powerful voice, opera, and alto, and then by refining her voice with more precision, lyricism, and variety. Hayedeh's voice is aesthetically comparable to the voice of another Iranian singer, Delkesh, who was older than him. In addition to his remarkable vocal ability, Hayedeh's popularity among Iranian listeners has been primarily due to his mastery of the principles of the music foundation, the generative voice, collections of Iranian songs, and the performance of vocal lines. These performances established his place in the list of prominent singers of Iranian music in the twentieth century. hayedeh download mp3 Little's sister, Mahasti, was also a famous Iranian singer who started singing about three years before Hayedeh. Hayede emigrated to Britain in 1979 and later to the United States. He lived in Los Angeles for the rest of his life. He died of a heart attack the day after a concert in Northern California and was buried in Westwood Cemetery in Hollywood a few days later. hayedeh full album Before Hayedeh joined the popular singers, her younger sister, known by her stage name Mahasti, had gained a foothold among professional singers. Hayedeh studied with Iranian music professors; He started his education with Ali Tajvidi, vocal instructor, violin teacher and composer, Tajvidi was someone who also collaborated with his beloved. However, before Tajwidi heard her voice in a public performance, Hayedeh had mastered music. After hearing Hayedeh's voice, Tajwidi immediately recognized the rare registers in the depth of Hayedeh's alto voice. These registries revealed the simple (far-reaching) mid-suffering of Hayedeh's voice and provided Hayedeh with training and assistance in learning Iranian vocal music. In the beginning, Hayedeh's simple (wide-ranging) and pleasing voice gained a mixture of strong criticism and popular attention. Hayedeh, as she has repeatedly mentioned in several interviews, entered the world of music under the influence of the powerful voice and singing style of Delkash, the style and vocal singer of the time. In 1347, he began his professional career by singing the song "Azadeh" which was composed by his teacher Ali Tajvidi on the last poem of Rahi Moayeri. The performance of the song "Azadeh" with the Grand Orchestra on Radio Tehran was the beginning of Hayedeh's work. After performing several other works by Tajvidi and other famous composers, including Homayoun Khoram, in Golha program, he became interested in singing pop songs from the first years of 1350, which are more than the compositions of Fereydoun Khoshnood, Jahanbakhsh Pazouki, Mohammad Heidari and Anoushirvan. They were clerics. Hayedeh's best songs were ranked for download in order of popularity

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