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Hasan zirak’s biography Hasan zirak biography has been caught by the last information from official and unofficial  sources Hasan zirak: singer and poet Hasan zirak’s biography Hasan zirak(born in 1300 Solar/ 29 November 1921 in Boukan- death 1351 Solar/ 25 Journey 1972 in Boukan) he was the beast singer in Kurdish region in west of Iran. hasan zirak Hasan zirak by recording a lots of Kurdish folklore songs saved these cultural heritage to not to be forgotten. He left more than 1500 songs form himself. Zirak is included the famous Iranian musician. Most of the songs of this Kurdish artist has been recorded by intercommunity of masters like: Hossain Yahaghi, Hassan Kesai, Jalil Shahnaz, Jahangir Malak, Habib allah Shahrdar famous for Moshir Homayuon Shahrdar. Hasan zirak in addition to Sorani Kurdish language sang in Persian, Turkish, Orami, Lori, and sang 3 Turkish song, 8 Persian songs, 2 Oramian songs and 64 Kurdish songs. Hasan zirak collaborated in ((Orkestar Kurdish Music)) with brothers Yousef Zamani, Orkester Moshiar Homayuon shahradar in Tehran and Orkester Mojtaba Mirzadeh in Kermanshah. Hesen Zîrek Live: Hasan zirak was born in 1300 Solar  (22 November 1921) in Qale Sardar of Boukan city, West-Azarbaijan in Iran. He lost his father when he was just 5 years old and spent his life in pain. He spent several years in Iraq and other cities in Iran. One of those cities where he resided was Kermanshah, he collaborated with Kurdish radio with famous artists like Mojtaba MirZadeh (violin), Mohammad Abdol Samadi (clarinet), Akbar Izadi (santur), Bahman Polaki (Tempoo) that eventually they made one of the excellent music collection to gather.  Also he was collaborated with one of the Azerbaijan’s singer and produced the famous Kurdish-Turkish song with name of “Goldor mani Goldor” this song is belong to Hasan zirak and fatemeh Zargari. When he was in Iraq was prentice in “Fandagh Shamal” motel. A day he was cleaning the floor, sang one of his song at the same time, suddenly a traveler with the name of Jalal Talabani (the leader of metropolitan union Iraq’s Kurdistan) that was resided in that motel, by hearing his song he introduce him to radio Baghdad in 1326 and Zirak worked there. He collaborated with radio Baghdad. When radio Iran established in 1999 he started working for them too. Those songs that Hasan zirak was recorded in Radio Tehran were played by several master musician like: Hossain Yahaghi, Hassan Kesaei, Jalil Shahnaz, Jahangir Malak, Ahmad Ebadi, with superintendence of Moshir Homayoun Shahrdar. Hasan zirak although was divested of educating because of bad living conditions, but he had a fantastic talent in poetry and making music. This talent beside of his unique voice caused his songs being favorite in the all of the Kurdistan, his voices are hearing in houses and shops now a days. Hassan Zirak Hasan zirak married with Miss Midea Zandi (Mahdieh Zandi) she was a Kurdish broadcaster of Tehran radio. They gave birth to two girls, named Mahtab (Arezoo) Mahnaz (Sakar). He sang several songs for his daughters, his wife was Aziz Zandi’s daughter  and in 20 June 2008 Friday has been dead in Tehran. Hasan zirak wasn’t comfortable and free in Iran and Iraq. The current government’s behavior made a lots of problems for him. The current manager of radio Tehran didn’t let him to continue of working, and this issue broke his soft heart, then emigrated to Baghdad. In Baghdad incarcerated and tortured him, after getting free in Baghdad prison he turned back to Tehran and was tortured again by Savak, Zirak describe about how they tortured him and recorded it, he  collaborated with Radio Kermanshah in 1962 until 1964. Hasan zirak sang most of his songs about 50 years ago but now a days Kurdish people are remembered his voice as a nostalgic and bittersweet life. The last years of his age was spent in fiasco situation and rarely sang. than he established a teahouse in Boukan and saqezz, and breathed his last seconds age  in among of people who loved them. Hasan zirak dead because of perishing his liver and stomach aching in Boukan hospital and buried him in Nalashkinah hillside. When he dead London Radio mentioned his magnanimity and said: “” The unique artist of Kurdish people was dead in Boukan hospital “” Hasan Zirak Popularity: Hasan zirak was the Kurdish folklore musician phenomenon. He is completely known in Iran and Kurdish people of Iraq and is famous for some of Marenjs in  Turkey. In 3 January 2014 to chose the best song of autumn for a TV program named  (7 Taraneh) Hassan Zirk’s song with the name of “” Rash Asmar “” voted about 90000 and caught the second stand, his song got the favorite week song by catching more than 550000 votes. Poetry: Hasan zirak instead of his unique brain, he versify and even exchange the rhymes. Hasan Zirak Some of his famous songs:
  1. Nawroz
  2. Katana
  3. Barana
  4. Zara
  5. Gaohare
  6. Nalashkena
  7. Aminao Amin
  8. Rebwar o Rebwar
  9. Lay lay
  10. Disan shaw hat
  11. Meryam Boukani
  12. Hoo layli
  13. Banaz
  14. yala shofer
  15. toba
  16. razya
  17. kavyar
  18. balarzana
  19. aman sabri
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