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Biography of Hamid Hirad Original name: Hamid Hosseinzadeh Birth: February 22, 1991 (26 years old) Malek Mian, Qasem Abad (Rudsar), Chabaksar, Gilan, Iran Iranian nationality Genre (s): Pop, fusion music Profession (s): Singer, composer, musician and poet Instrument (s): Percussion instruments Years of activity: 2016-Now Education: Higher diploma in industrial facilities Hamid-Hiraad bio Hamid Hosseinzadeh with the artistic name of Hamid Hirad, born on February 22, 1991 in the village of Malek Mian Chabaksar, Gilan, is a traditional Iranian singer and pop singer. Hirad is generally a boyish name with Persian roots and means good-natured and good-looking and someone who has a happy and cheerful face. Personality traits of Hamid Hirad Hamid Hirad is extremely silent and upside down and has not had any independent conversation so far and as he said he does not like to be marginalized. In fact, the presence of Hamid Hirad in the period of 23 Azar 96 is his first official conversation. Hamid Hirad, despite his distance from the margins and his own silence and calmness, is energetic and excited in his work of art. Hamid-Hiraad mp3 Beginning of Hamid Hirad's artistic activity Hamid Hirad became interested in singing at the age of 6, and at the age of 15, after graduating from high school, he became acquainted with song and songwriting, after which he chose the traditional music style and began composing along with it. Then he continued his artistic activity with some semi-professional works with a group called Darog. Through his acquaintances, he sent one of his traditional works to the CEO of "Avazi No" company, and after being accepted, he started working with this company. After a year, in late 1995, he officially started working in music. His first song with Puzzle Band, along with Ali Rahbari and Arian Bahari, was released on March 6, 1995 under the name Bi Tab. The band released Puzzle Band, which was well received by a wide range of people and gained countless fans. Hamid-Hiraad full album Music style by Hamid Hirad The most important feature of Hamid Hirad's songs can be considered as his lyrics. Most of his selected poems have a lyrical atmosphere. This is while the music of "House" or "EDM" with a pop atmosphere presents these lyrical poems. Hamid Hirad's singing style is also reminiscent of fusion music these days. His specialized instrument is daf and tonbak and he also has a hand in setar. Hamid Hirad's failed love was revealed in a period Hamid Hirad, on the night that Mehran Modiri was the guest on the Durahmi program, in response to the question whether he has fallen in love to this day, said: "Naturally, this has all happened in their lives." Yes, I fell in love, but as a first love it was not a good experience and unfortunately he died. Hamid-Hiraad download new songs Part of Hamid Hirad's conversation in Durahmi program Hamid Hirad is my artistic name and my real name is Hamid Hosseinzadeh. Hirad was chosen by the people and if I am here it is because of the people. Yarad means good morals, laughter and is one of the mythical names. Hirad added: The basis of my music that I have worked on until today has been traditional music. My teachers taught me character and respect and I have always tried to observe it. The singer said about his concerts: I did not have an independent concert, but I was present in one or two cases with Puzzle Band. A manager asked Hirad about his popularity in cyberspace, and the singer explained: I have 153,000 followers, most of whom have followed me since the work of "Joke Magh". In response to the question whether he has fallen in love to date, "Naturally, this has all happened in their lives," he said. Yes, I fell in love, but as a first love it was not a good experience and unfortunately he died. He stated that the main basis of my poems is love of God, regarding the poems he sings: The songs I sing are from Rumi, Saadi and Hafez. My specialized instruments are daf and tonbak percussion instruments. Hamid-Hiraad songs Songs by Hamid Hirad That night Scandal Forget Make me drunk The mistress Dollaram What a joke God Impatient Love  

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