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Emo Band is a three-member active group in the pop style, which became popular with three singers named Saeed Ghanbarpour, Afshin Kamyar and Meysam Kamali, and attracted many fans. The group has also given several concerts with the release of an album called Arum The first official album of Amo Band was released on May 15, 1996 "Amo Band is one of the youngest pop music groups in the country, led and sung by Afshin Talebi." emo band It is worth mentioning that this group, which is mostly made up of teenagers and young people, has tried to perform pieces that are suitable for the mood of this age group; Arum album consists of nine tracks The first concert of Emo group under the direction of "Atrin Biniaz" was held on September 21, 1996 at Narenjestan Hotel in Noor city. Afshin Kamyar, born on July 8, 1992 in Tehran, is a singer I was originally from East Azerbaijan and was born and lived in the south of Tehran. Since my presence in my mind, my only hobby has been listening to music. I listened carefully and focused emo band mp3 As a child and adolescent, I had a strong interest in reading and playing the piano, and the only thing that prevented me from moving towards these two arts was the opposition of those around me. At the age of 16, I was studying in high school when I met Reza Panahi (arranger and composer). Reza was a violinist and had a private home studio near us This acquaintance made me think again about music and the things I was interested in and take myself one step closer to the art of music. After getting to know Reza completely and the tips I got from him, I started learning the piano and recorded a few songs individually in the studio, none of which I played. emo band bio The only thing that really calmed me down was being in the studio and practicing singing and playing the piano After a year of activity, I met Meysam, who had come to the studio to record a project, and by the way, I was also recording that project. I enjoyed Meysam's voice, and after the recording, we became more acquainted, and this acquaintance later became We became close friends My acquaintance with Saeed was exactly like my acquaintance with Meysam Saeed Ghanbarpour, born on April 6, 1992, is a singer I am originally from East Azerbaijan and live in Tehran. I have been interested in singing since I was a child and I was welcomed by friends and teachers during my middle school years. At the age of 15, I lost my father in an accident. I was very interested in guitar, but my circumstances did not allow me and I did not have enough time to learn this instrument, but in any case, I got a guitar at the age of 17 and went to training classes to learn. For the past few months, I have been practicing singing with my guitar and singing in my privacy emo band full album I met Meysam Kamali quite by accident and we talked about reading and how to record work and Meysam Jan introduced me to dear Afshin and Reza Panahi. But I myself was a classmate of Reza Jan from middle school and there was a friendship between us, but I was not aware that he had a personal studio. This friendship made me go to the studio a lot. I became completely acquainted with Afshin and we practiced playing and singing together every day Meysam Kamali, born on May 17, 1993, is a singer I am originally from Khorasan Razavi and live in Tehran. I have had a strong interest in singing since childhood. I was always in the choir during my studies and I was selected as the soloist of the group After a few years, my interest grew stronger than before and I wanted to have a song for myself. To arrange and record this work, I was offered Mr. Reza Panahi and I went to their studio. I felt very good After talking about working conditions and recording, I met Afshin, who was playing the piano in the studio. I asked him to play the song I had made on the piano and I would practice. It was very enjoyable and we repeated it several times emo band all mp3 music After recording my work with Afshin Kamyabi, we became much more intimate. Almost every day after work for a few hours, I was in the studio until I met Saeed Ghanbarpour at work. Saeed was a guitarist and he, like me, was looking for a studio to record. I suggested Reza Panahi After a few months, Afshin asked me and Saeed to go to the studio, until the group offered me and Saeed by Afshin, and by accepting this offer, we started the activities of the Emo group. Regarding the choice of the group name, I must say that we had initially chosen names separate from our original names as artistic names, and by putting the first letters of these names together, we chose Amu. Needless to say, our encouragement is your support for our dear fans in all stages of the production and distribution of our music, and finally, I must say that we believe that this was the best event of our lives.

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