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Emad Talebzadeh, born on December 19, 1981 in Tehran, is a singer. He is a music graduate of Azadeh Islamic University, has two older brothers named Hamid and Alireza and a sister named Mahnaz. Before him, Hamid entered the field of music. Emad sang non-professionally at the age of 15, but it can be said that he has been singing professionally since the age of 20, and he also makes music videos along with singing. emad talebzadeh mp3 He loves swimming and skiing and is not very interested in football. His field of study at the university is music. Emad Talebzadeh is now one of the authorized singers in Iran and no longer collaborates with satellite channels with clip making and.. Emad Talebzadeh is married to Atosa Yousefi and the couple has a son named Satyar emad talebzadeh all music mp3 From the end of 1379, he went to Kish Island and worked as a singer in Golriz restaurant and several other restaurants such as Didani and Shandiz. At that time, the number of licensed singers was very small and the so-called underground singers started working first. The voices of the singers are always known more than their faces, Emad Talebzadeh was able to make his voice known to his fans with the song Hame Chi Arume. emad talebzadeh download songs It has been a track since 2001 that I wanted to sing two voices with my brother Hamid, which I later performed alone. The Internet was not as widespread at that time, and I remember this track was played by one of the Internet sites that had just started. emad talebzadeh biography He has acted in a movie called "Coin" for the home theater network. Reza Roigari, Shahram Ghaedi, Pourandokht Mahiman, Sara Manjezi, Helia Emami and 3 other actors are in this movie.

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