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Biography of Ehaam group

Ehaam group was formed in 2017 with the collaboration of Zanyar Khosravi and Maziar Lashni.

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The first piece from the ehaam group was released in the early days of September under the name “boghz”. Zanyar Khosravi created a different atmosphere for the audience in this piece and “boghz” can be considered one of the most successful pieces of 2017 in the field of pop and fusion music.

“Hal Man” is the second piece of ehaam, which was released on January 26, 2017, composed and arranged by Zanyar Khosravi.

Zanyar Khosravi, who has previously been mostly looking for an audience with a teenage age group. In this piece, he targeted a young and so-called adult audience and, in harmony with a traditional Iranian singer, helped him reach this target.

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Maziar Lashni, a young singer of Iranian traditional music, accompanies Zanyar Khosravi in ​​this piece, and considering the success of this group, a good future can be predicted for them.

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