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Ebrahim Hamedi (born: June 20, 1958 in Tehran) is known as Ebi, an Iranian pop singer. He has a tenor voice and works in various styles of music: rock, ballad, folk music, pop dance and more recently house and trance. Some have compared him to the famous British singer Tom Jones, with the difference that Abby, unlike Tom Jones, is considered to have political leanings. Many of his fans call him “Mr. Seda” in the field of Persian pop music.

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Ebi’s father is a tailor and his mother is a housewife. He spent his childhood in the neighborhood of Fawzia Square in Tehran (now Imam Hossein Square) on Shahrestani Street and has four sisters and one brother. He married Firoozeh Meghdadi in 1974 and he has three daughters named Asal, Sayeh and Khatoon, for whom he has sung a song. Ebi went to the United States for a concert two years before the revolution in Iran, and with the beginning of the revolution, he inevitably stayed there.

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Ebi marries Mahshid Boroumand after separating from her first wife. He has a son named Farshid, who is considered Ebi’s adopted son. It is said that the beginning of their acquaintance with each other was in one of Ebi’s performances in Gothenburg. The resemblance of the face of Ebi Baktayoun Riahi’s second wife has caused many problems for this famous actor in Iranian cyberspace. Mahshid Boroumand, who is also the director of Ebi programs, was present in most of his concerts, and the pictures published of him in one of Ebi concerts led to misunderstandings and rumors of domination against this actor.

Abby is interested in Greek music, and her favorite singers include Peter Gabriel, Freddie Mercury, Sting, Bono, and Jim Morrison of the Rock Dorses group. , Does not want to hear his voice at home.

As a teenager, he discovered his talent for reading by reading the Qur’an in the school. “He came to Iran when he was four or five years old, but we did not have the budget to buy a radio,” he said in an interview when asked how he started singing. While electricity had not yet reached everywhere.

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I listened to music and I loved it. My hobby was reading at home, and I have said many times that I used to recite the Qur’an in the morning from the third grade of elementary school. Well, this is a kind of singing in itself. At the age of ten or eleven, there were radio and singers, and all I could think about was singing, apart from studying. “I read at home for my classmates as well as for the kids in the neighborhood.”

He first starts singing in a friendly group called the Sun Boys and then in youth clubs and palaces. In the Sun Boys, he first imitated Italian songs, especially the songs of the famous Italian singer and actor Albano Carisi, and then performed songs by prominent singers of the time such as Jim Morrison, Eric Bourdon, Tom Jones and Pepino DiCapri.

He is performing for the first time at the Southern Youth Palace. The experience of Ebi’s first official performance can be heard in his own language. As he said in an interview, in the first performance of excessive stress, half of his body is completely anesthetized and so-called falls asleep. He mentions this incident in his bitter but unforgettable memories.

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At the same time, Ebi gets acquainted with Shahbal and Shahram Shabpareh. Shahbal Shabpareh hears his voice in the Sun Boys and offers him a job with the Black Cats. Along with Iranian pop singer Farhad Mehrad, he has been collaborating with the Black Cats for two years and has been performing on the Kuchini nightclub for a long time. He then left the group and collaborated with prominent composers and songwriters of the time. Ebi mentions her time working with Farhad in the Black Cats as her training course and considers herself indebted to Farhad.

By the time Ebi entered the music scene, few singers in Iran had worked in the field of pop music, including Wigan, Aref, and Manouchehr Sakhaei. It won’t be long before Abby releases her first solo song, “Thirst,” which is being made for a film of the same name. His second song is called “Why Why” with a poem by Massoud Hooshmand and a song by Hossein Vaseghi. But the third song of Ebi that according to him makes him famous is a song called “Shab” with the poem of Ardalan Sarfaraz and the song of Mansour Irannejad, which is played for the first time in the famous show of silver carnation by Fereydoun Farrokhzad.

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From an early age, Abby was wary of stereotypes and imitations in her profession, and even the young singers of her day, who copied and imitated each other’s works, were severely offended. It was during this period that he was able to attract domestic and foreign attention by participating in the “International Turkish Song Festival”.

Ebi’s voice has been the subject of discussion and opinion in the media since the beginning of its development. In its tenth year issue, Youth Magazine publishes an article entitled “Blue Voice Causes Hysterical Speed ​​Drivers” in which it discusses the Blue Voice because of its extraordinary power and energy, which is mostly epic. Causes hysteria and violent movements while driving.

Before the revolution, Ebi released many singles on the screen, but never released an independent album. His works of this period were after the revolution and abroad, which were released in the form of independent albums and cassettes. In his career, he has collaborated with prominent songwriters such as Iraj Jannati Ataiee, Ardalan Sarfaraz, Mansour Tehrani and Shahyar Ghanbari and famous composers such as Farid Zaland, Siavash Ghomayshi, Varojan, Shadmehr Aghili, Hassan Shamaeizadeh, Esfandiar Monfardzadeh and Babeh Monfardzadeh.

During her years abroad, Abby has performed in some of the world’s largest international venues, some of which have been charity concerts. In 2007, Abby was specially invited to perform with the Aachen Symphony Orchestra. The concert was broadcast live on WDR radio and filmed on the same network. The Aachen newspapers also praised him after Abby’s program and wrote about his “warmth on stage.” One of his most famous charity concerts is his concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2010, the proceeds of which were donated to help patients with MS.

Although Ebi has lived outside Iran in exile for many years, some Iranian designers still use his name to increase sales of their commercial goods. A number of singers in Iran have also been strongly influenced by his singing style and performance. In the case of Qassem Afshar, who is one of these singers and whose recitation of the song “Persian Gulf” by Ebi is originally attributed, even in the movements of his hands and feet during the concert, they have established many similarities with Ebi. Qasem Afshar’s influence on Ebi has been such that a well-known composer such as Touraj Shabankhani has blamed him for his imitative style.

In a book entitled Underground Songs, Ibrahim Nabavi describes Ebi’s characteristics as a singer as follows:

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First: Most Persian music experts believe that Ebi’s voice is the most powerful Persian pop voice.

Second, not only does Abby’s activities not diminish during the second half of her life, but this period is also a turning point in her career, and this is the first feature that separates Abby from the pop singer and puts her next to the classical or opera singer.

Third: Abby is one of the few pop singers whose audience may prefer to hear her concert from the same house; His performances are perhaps nothing more than his recorded voice.

Fourth: Ebi is more popular among the audience who, despite knowing that in pop music, unlike traditional music, gender, power and resonance of the singer’s voice are not very important, they consider Ebi’s voice worthy of attention and praise from this perspective.

Fifth: His post-revolutionary concerts held outside Iran are popular. Rarely, like other pop singers, does his music cause him to dance or sing to make others dance.

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Some music experts have commented on Abby’s voice, including composer, arranger and conductor Andranik, who has praised Abby’s voice for its warmth, power and flexibility, and has introduced Abby as one of the few artists with a strong musical sense. And understands the tastes and temperaments of the people.

The uniqueness of the people with Ebi in his concerts is also one of the unique features of this singer, to the extent that he is considered one of the first Persian-speaking singers who paid attention to this harmony and even recorded and played it in his concert album.

Ebi, who talked about his retirement after the release of Niloufari Night’s album, is still motivated and active in producing albums and performing concerts. He believes that going on stage or releasing an album gives him an educational opportunity and gives him more experience, and this has been the best motivation and motivation for him to continue his career. He considers singing a love from which he will never be separated.


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