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Biography of Behnam Bani (singer)

Birth: October 3, 1987

Nationality: Iranian Iran

Style (s): Pop

Profession (s): Singing

Years of activity: 2006 until now

behnam bani

Behnam Bani (born October 1, 1987 in Damghan) is an Iranian singer. At the age of 8, he recited the Quran in the school queue and dreamed of singing and giving concerts since he was a child. He started his student days in the field of civil engineering in Shahroud in 1984 and has been working in the field of music since then, but according to him, he was not successful and his voice was not heard. Hamidreza Hami, Nasser Abdollahi and Mohammad Isfahani are Behnam Bani’s favorite singers.

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Start of activity:

He knows the reason for his inclination to music is his father, Behnam’s father was an accordion player. Behnam Bani started practicing music with his father at the age of 10, then as a teenager he trained professionally with music teachers such as Mohammad Nouri.

Favorite singers:

I like old singers Mohammad Isfahani and Mohammad Alizadeh

The late Nasser Abdullahi was also my role model, but I changed my genre. Among the new generation singers, I like Sina Shabankhani, Masoud Sadeghlou and Shahab Mozaffari.

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Start with Rojan Group

From the age of 19, in 1985, at the same time as a student in Shahroud, he became acquainted with and collaborated with the Rojan music group. And with this group, he held several concerts in a small community.

The name of Behnam Bani

Behnam Bani’s first song that made him famous was the song of special interest, but at the same time, the song “I am a debtor” was more popular and the song “I love you” established his position in the field of music.

Behnam Bani Concerts

Behnam Bani set a new record in the Iranian music market with his first concert. All 4100 tickets for Behnam Bani’s first concert in Milad Conference Hall in Tehran were sold out in less than 15 minutes. After Tehran, concerts were held in the cities of Kish Island, Swan Motel, Chalous, Rasht and Sari, respectively. What do you want and a few other new tracks were performed under the leadership of Hamed Baradaran.

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Behnam Bani is not married yet and says he has no decision to do so at the moment.


Due to his high weight, he works under the supervision of a sports coach and has lost 15 kilos in a short period of time and exercises 4 hours a day. He says that he believes that the singer should have a good voice rather than a body.

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Mustache style

It was exactly three years ago, it was my sister’s wedding, that I used a mustache, which was an offer from a friend of mine, of course I was very opposed, but I like my character and myself very much.


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