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Name: aziz

Family: Weisi

Birth:1967( 1345AH)

Iranian nationality

Style (s): Kurdish, Iranian

Profession (s): Singer, songwriter and actor

Prominent instruments: not flute and trumpet

Collaborating artists: Mohsen Amiri, Ismail Mardani, Kaveh Ghaderi. David Niazi; Jafar Zalkei

The reason for becoming famous: reviving happy and original Kurdish music and using artists' forgotten musical instruments.

Popular album: Dylan, Soma ,  Kurdish girl, asmar

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I was born in 1967, 1345 AH, in the village of (Derna Selasi Baweh) in the province of Kermanshah, in the city of Javanrood. I lived with my family in this village until I was 10 years old. Then we went to the city of Javanrood and I still live there. I have four children named (Sahand, Sarveh, Soma and Sonia)

Aziz Weisi (Kurdish: Aziz Weisi) is a Kurdish singer from Javanroud, Kermanshah. Aziz weisi, known as Azizi Meta, lived in the village of Derneh in the city of Thalas Babajani until he was 10 years old, and then came to the city of Javanrood.

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He has been active in the field of art for many years and during his artistic activity he has performed 42 cassette tapes and several albums and concerts in Iran, including cities (Tehran, Kermanshah, Kurdistan). He also performs concerts in European countries every year, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, etc., which are of interest to people around the world. Due to its performance style, it has many fans among Persian speakers and even other countries.

Aziz Weisi Albums

Aziz weisi has been singing for 22 years. Also has several albums including:

2006: in hair

2007: sahand

2008: soma

2009: Dylan

2010: three of  us

2011: …

2012: samp

2013: nowruz

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aziz Weisi Concerts

Aziz weisi, various concerts in the cities of the province in Iran, including the provinces (Kermanshah, Tehran, Kurdistan and the cities of Marivan, Sanandaj, Saqzeh, Baneh, Sarpol-e Zahab, etc.

as well as European countries (Britain, Germany, Austria, Sweden , Iraq, France) and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Mustache aziz weisi

Aziz weisi has said about the reason for shaving his mustache

Every company and institution has its current brand that is known in this way, my mustache is also the trademark of my face with which I am known.

Aziz Weisi also stressed that it is only because he is not willing to shave his mustache

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