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Biography of Awat Bokani

Awat Soleimani is known as Awat Bokani, one of the most vocal singers in Kurdistan, who has been able to achieve great popularity in recent years due to his unique style of singing. Awat Bokani was born in 1987 in a village called Erbnos in the city of Bokani. Awat's father is named Saber Soleimani, but no information is available about his mother. Awat is the second child in the family and has three other brothers named Aram, Mohammad and Andam. To learn more about the life of Awat Bokani, this good-sounding Kurdish singer, stay tuned. awat bokani

Awat Bokani's childhood

Awat has had a difficult childhood. He has been very busy and lively since childhood. Awat Bokani continued his education until the beginning of middle school and after that, because he was not very interested in the subject, He works in the garden and on the farm as a laborer. In 2002, Awat Bokani family moved from Erbnos village to Bukan city. But due to poverty, they decide to emigrate to Iraqi Kurdistan to earn more money. Awat Bokani's family has been living in Iraqi Kurdistan for six years, and Awat works as a laborer with his father. awat bokani music

Awat Bokani started singing career

Awat has been very interested in Kurdish instruments and singing since he was a child, so he sometimes sang at weddings, and at that time he was able to attract the attention of many young people to his voice. Aram, Awat Bokani's older brother was very interested in learning Kurdish instruments, so he went to Master Zico to learn it. Aram, who sees Awat's interest in singing, introduces him to Master Zico after a while. Due to Awat's good voice and strong interest in singing, Zico began working with him and founded the Sardashti Band. Thus, Awat Bokani started his official singing and was able to gain a lot of popularity. awat page awat bokani
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