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Read the biography of Aron Afshar real name "Wahid" with photos and videos from the time of singing at the wedding to the concert with his interests and marriage and his wife.
Biography of singer Aron Afshar
Aron Afshar, born July 1, 1988 in Mashhad, is a pop singer and composer

He grew up in an artistic family and now he has a lot to say in the field of pop music, most of his fame started with the song "Janam Bash" and now he is a member of the company Avai Forohar.

Aron Afshar, the singer with his real name, photo and full biography

Family and authenticity
Wahid Afshar with the stage name "Aron Afshar" was born as the eldest child of the family in Shandiz city, Mashhad, his father Habib Afshar is a singer and he has only one brother born in 2013.

Start with music
Since 2004, when he was only 7 years old, at the same time as he started school, he started playing music with the encouragement of his musician and singer father.

He himself says; My father was extremely strict and this strictness ended up working in my favor

Biography of Aron Afshar

Singer Aaron Afshar's biography with photos and untold stories

From ceremonies to learning

Vahid (Aron) gained singing experience with his father from his childhood at weddings and various events until he started learning the guitar.
He was still very active as a ceremonial singer as a teenager
talent discovery

From 1995-1994 he did various songs but none of them made much of an impact until he was discovered by Moin Rahbar (composer) and taken to Avai Forohar's company.

Initially, he was given the stage name Aaron, until in 1996, when he was 19 years old, with the release of the song "Janem Bash" composed by Mr. Rahbar, he became very popular.
with Moine Barbar

Photo by Aron Afshar and Moin Raheb

First time in Khandwaneh
Most of the fame of Aaron's face has been gained since April 1998 in the Nowruz Khandwaneh special program and now he is a regular guest in various television programs.
Mr. Afshari who is still not married says it is too early, I have not thought about it yet and I have not fallen in love till this age, I think the best age for marriage is 30 to 35 years.

Photo and biography of pop singer Vahid Afshar

Holding the first concert

On January 28, 2018, Aron took the stage for the first time at the Milad Tower Hall, produced by Avai Forohar Company, and delivered this concert with enough mastery.

You can see part of his short performance at the Milad concert

He mentions Moin Rahbar as his brother who has played a significant role in his visibility, but Aaron's brand belongs to the music company and they are one of his shareholders.

Favorite Voice and Mafia

I like the voice of Behnam Bani and Babak Jahanbakhsh, but in my opinion, although the musical conditions are improving day by day, they do not allow the mob to become permanent people.

A photo of singer Aron Afshar with the story of his personal and artistic life

I like acting

I like acting but I have no experience and for a while one of my friends, Estes, wrote the story of my life which I think is exciting and maybe one day I will play my own role.

Careless and lazy

The singer is very sloppy and lazy and his car is very dirty, he wakes up very late and has never seen an early morning!

Crazy barbecue lover

He is plump and loves kebabs, he likes to eat with his hands and after the fame and fortune he has acquired, he spends a lot!


He loves football very much and plays it himself, he is a fan of the Esteghlal team, but he prefers not to mention it in his interviews.

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