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Garsha was born on May 12, 1984 in Lorestan. He is a professional musician, singer and composer who has mastered most of the instruments to play professionally, has taught for some time and is now a famous singer of the new generation.

garsha rezaei

Lor is a professional musician and composer who shone with his beautiful voice in pop music and also continues to teach.

Garsha Rezaei said about her interest in music: I became interested in music from the age of 6-7, and my mother’s family, especially my uncles, whose voices were pleasant, played an effective role in my interest.

Garsha Rezaei said about the beginning of his playing: “When I was 13 years old, I started music seriously by attending guitar classes and classical flamenco style, and then I learned the electronic guitar of Ram style.” In addition, I continued to play the piano, setar, fiddle and harp, but the electronic guitar is my specialty.

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One day, I was offered a title job from a cinema office. The title track of the Secret Government series in 2013 was a very interesting work for me, which made me turn to singing. He also performed the title track of the Lotus Health Network program with a good reception.

A reporter once asked me who do you think is the best singer and to whom do you give the award for the best singer? I told the sound tuning software, of course there are good readers.

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Garsha Rezaei started his career by playing and composing, after which he started recording and conducting an orchestra, and for a while he taught music professionally.

Garsha Rezaei’s first album was released after singing a few singles called Abi.

Because of his love for his mother, he has also dedicated a piece to his mother in this album.

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On December 20, 2009, Garsha Rezaei performed his first official concert at the Milad Tower International Exhibition Hall, which was extremely well received by the people. Special guests were also present in this concert, Arun Afshar, Amir Khoshnam, Behrang Alavi, Alireza Nikbakht Vahedi, etc. were present in this concert.


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