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About Anten Music

The Anten Music website is a complete reference for downloading great Kurdish songs as well as all languages. Original Kurdish songs have always been considered because of the high value of the work as well as the popularity of their singers. For music lovers in these parts of the country, it does not matter how much they can understand the words and phrases in these songs, but the main issue is the connection they make with the music. Nevertheless, the lack of a complete reference in which the works of all readers could be found was strongly felt.


We not only post songs on this website, but also post singer news and music news from all over the world. It should also be noted that we are subject to copyright laws.


Music is the common voice of people all over the world, and Kurdish music is known and popular in many parts of the world due to its antiquity and originality. The special and original instruments of the Kurdish people and its harmony with the voices of the singers create a pleasant rhythm that will take the intelligence out of any listener. The Anten Music website has created a complete archive of songs performed by all Kurdish singers with the aim of collecting all the great works of the Kurdish-speaking world of music. It is also possible to access the works of non-Kurdish language singers on the music anten, which is not available on many similar websites. Just search for the name of the singer or the work you want on the website.

In the music anten, in addition to playing your favorite music online, you can download it and add it to your playlist. It is also possible to share songs so that you can send it to your loved ones in the simplest way. Another interesting thing about the music anten is the ability to access the lyrics as well as the biographies of your favorite singers so you can connect more with it.

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